Yesterday I got my haircut on 2nd Street in the shore; Belmont Shore that is. This particular area of Long Beach is very well known for its beach adjacent living, and if you're lucky enough you could live right on the sand ... or at least close enough to it.

On 2nd Street., in particular, there are bountiful storefronts that are locally owned. Some are also part of big franchises. I walked by this one flower shop and couldn't help but take a picture of all the fresh flowers in the front.

I love flowers. I remember the days when I used to just pass them by, ... without a care in the world. Now, any chance I get ... I like to purchase a pre-made bouquet or make one my own. It just fills up the room with life.

Love life, I say ... and stop and smell the roses.

How cliché ... but true, nonetheless.

#God #Family #GiftsOfSobriety 👁.